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Welcome to the Midphase status page. Here you will find real-time information about the status of our services.

Past Incidents

Saturday 5th June 2021

Shared Hosting Unavailable

TITLE: Unavailable

DATE: 05/06/2021

We are currently experiencing an incident on the server

Our Technical teams have been engaged and are investigating as a priority.

UPDATE: Our engineering team continues to investigate the root cause of the issue and we will continue to provide updates.

UPDATE: RESOLVED Server is now available and all services have resumed operation. We thank you for your patience during this indicident.

Friday 4th June 2021

Hosted Email Hosted Email Delays (receiving)

Title Hosted Email Delays (receiving)

Date 04/06/2021

Start time 17:34 UTC

We are experiencing email delays. We will provide an update shortly with additional information.

UPDATE - 19:27 UTC: The deployed team has identified the issues causing delays and are taking measures to resolve the said delays and deferrals. Deferrals and delays are still expected.

UPDATE - 21:15 UTC: The mail admin team continues working to resolve the problems in our hosted email service.

UPDATE - Jun 05, 2021 - 09:29 UTC This issue has been resolved as we are no longer seeing issues with new inbound emails.

Thursday 3rd June 2021

No incidents reported

Wednesday 2nd June 2021

No incidents reported

Tuesday 1st June 2021

No incidents reported

Monday 31st May 2021

No incidents reported

Sunday 30th May 2021

No incidents reported