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Welcome to the Midphase status page. Here you will find real-time information about the status of our services.

Past Incidents

16th September 2019

No incidents reported

15th September 2019

No incidents reported

14th September 2019

No incidents reported

13th September 2019

No incidents reported

12th September 2019

Web Hosting

We are aware that there are issues affecting this server. We are working to get them resolved.

Update @ Thu Sep 12 08:17:36 MDT 2019: We have experienced an unexpected hardware issue and had to reboot the server. It is currently undergoing a file system integrity check and will be available shortly.

Update @ Thu Sep 12 08:41:02 MDT 2019: The file system is still running, it is currently at 22% complete.

Update @ Thu Sep 12 09:34:05 MDT 2019: filesystem check finished, server rebooted. RAID array during POST said it is degraded.

Update @ Thu Sep 12 09:45:31 MDT 2019: Checked RAID controller state. Disk in slot 3 is rebuilding. Controller states that disks in slots 2 and 3 have reached SMART fail state.

Update @ Thu Sep 12 11:08:30 MDT 2019: Disk in slot 3 has been replaced. Array is rebuilding again. Will proceed with replacement of disk in slot 2 once slot 3 is fully online.

Update @ Thu Sep 12 12:07:33 MDT 2019: Rebuild Progress on Device at Enclosure 32, Slot 3 Completed 32% in 60 Minutes.

Update @ Thu Sep 12 15:59:45 MDT 2019: This server has been operational since about 09:40 MDT.

11th September 2019

No incidents reported

10th September 2019

No incidents reported